ByteCubed Attends First Quarterly FBI HQ IT Vendor Day

March 1, 2016

ARLINGTON, VA – ByteCubed attended the first quarterly Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) HQ IT Vendor Day last week at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. ByteCubed participated in table-top exhibitions and one-on-one information sessions with FBI personnel. Representatives from the company met with key decision makers regarding ByteCubed’s technology development services and thought-leading R&D initiatives including CrowdScan, which combines high-resolution facial imaging with data-driven augmented-reality experiences for mass crowd threat assessment for agents.

In 2015, the Department of Justice (DOJ) spent over $6.5 billion in contracts with the private sector, with approximately $1.7 billion  allocated to small businesses. The IT Vendor Day helped to enhance exposure for all DOJ/FBI employees to new products and services and have an opportunity to interact directly with the industry.

“Our R&D teams are pushing the boundaries of augmented reality, virtual reality and 3-D imaging technology to demonstrate solutions to law enforcement and the Intelligence Community that open a whole new world in highly-effective policing, monitoring and investigation,” said, Karl Johnson, Chief Technology Officer. “We’re bridging the physical and digital worlds in ways previously only imagined by Hollywood and helping the federal government harness massive data to drive effective experiences like never before.”

ByteCubed focuses on innovation, thought-leadership and technology development for large federal agencies and Fortune 1000 enterprises.  The company has also successfully developed end-to-end solutions that harnessed massive data and delivered true value in a simple and actionable method.

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ByteCubed is a results-oriented and high-impact consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge, next-generation technology and software research and development. ByteCubed uses a holistic, lifecycle approach to create unique and transformative solutions to traditional problems and specializes in transforming legacy programs into self-sustaining programs that produce lasting results. ByteCubed believes in innovation from idea generation and policy creation to policy management and execution. ByteCubed has worked with various government agencies and companies including the DOD, DHS and DIA and is set to expand its portfolio in the near future. For inquiries, please contact: Ashley N. Scott, Director of Public Affairs, at ​ashley.scott@bytecubed.com.


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